Living City Never Forgotten

Exploring the City

The adventurers: Ret, Denzil, Beryl, Jacinda, and Zeana (cleric of Lathander)

Start of Adventure: Ravens Bluff

A strange yearning in the minds and hearts of the adventurers brought them back to Ravens Bluff for the first time in a long time. A strange sight awaiting them. Tents outside the city walls. Okay not a new concept but these tents were nice and the people mulling about young and full of energy and well equipped. The city seems to be enclosed in a semi-translucent dome of energy that showed no openings nor movement from within.

The adventurers discovered the globe extended between the many obelisks spread out around the city. Nothing could go into the city nor did anything exit the city.

They decided to explore the obelisks and although the obelisks were partially enveloped in the dome carvings could be found on each one. Grand Librarian Archmagi Beryl took etchings were possible and began to explore the various obelisks. They found a ghost settled near the one at the Seven Tiger Inn. After a very confusing conversation with the ghost of Lorien who had not died yet and had only a couple of things he would be able to tell them based on what he would be able to tell them if he was here now and looked at the same data as the ghost was looking at now.

Needless to say the discussion of consquences between the ghost and Ret was worth the price of admission. It was also at this point when Beryl finished identifying the objects that the team had returned from the Abyss with. Denzil replaced his Gnomish Environmental suit with a new suit of armor – the previous one permenantly befouled with the stench of a Goristo’s digestive tract. He also added a new sword of Stygian manufacture. All the items had been deemed “non-evil” by Rash and Irwina and thus not scheduled immediately for destruction. The seemingly non-magical sceptre that Denzil had picked up proved to be the most interesting as it was G’rzzt’s Rod of Rulership. The owner was actually considered the ruller of the centeral plane of the Abyss that had been G’rzzt’s. All Hail Denzil Lord of the Abyss!!!

The ghost finally gave the PCs the clues needed to determine more. They teleported over to the Jungles of Chult accepting Lorien’s Ghost’s transportation. It wasn’t his fault that they did not get to their destination completely. Stopped just prior to the destination they found a group of dragonkind sent by Tiamat for Denzil’s Rod of Rulership. Of course a fight ensued!

Getting past the “thug attack” they found the area Lorien had spoken of. A strange fountain guarded by lesser baatezu, a magical fountain that caused Ret to go off crazier than normal and a step pyramid made of the same material as the obelisk. Strangely the pyramid was dedicated to Sune. Beauty in the center of a jungle clearing … well stranger things have happened.

They spoke to another traveler who was exploring the pyramid and gleamed the idea that perhaps they could get more information from the dwarves of Clan Brightsword. In fact, a couple of riddles found at the pyramid led them to a certain location. For those not there if you want to try your luck here are the riddles:

What has roots that nobody sees; and is taller than trees; Up, up it goes and yet it never grows.

You’ll pierce my side to draw my blood; Or bash my head to free a flood; For years in cool and dark I wait; For you to bring me to my fate.

Awaiting them was a dungeon crawl in abandoned tunnels. They dealt with a Guardian Naga who asked only that they take nothing from the caverns. They avoided many traps – by luck not by skill. The one they did not avoid did nothing to Denzil and Ret but the portcullis fell trapping Jacinda who was dosed and covered in Dragon Bile. Her disgust and discovery that she could not teleport away to clean up was a victory for the DM.

Finally they faced the primary guardian of the area an Elder Orb. Denzil and Ret took the brunt of the attacks Denzil being partially disintegrated about 10 times.

Finally victorious after a drawn out battle they faced the master of the complex a Dragon Lord from Denzil and Jacinda’s home region who lairs all across Faerun (or as the joke goes – anywhere he wants). They dealt with the dragon who almost decided to eat Ret just to keep him quiet but they were able to get information that led them away from the complex.

Back down to the swampy area near Chult to a bustling city about 5 times larger than Ravens Bluff. After buying all the slaves in the market they discovered where the minion that the dragon identified was staying. A drow slaver was there target.

With standard caution (i.e. CHARGE!), okay they did map out the first round of attack. They attacked. Undead Angels of Decay, a couple of warriors, a vampire and the drow (dispel magic – mummy) where engaged. It was a classic fight. The mummy concentrated on Ret striking him a number of times inflicting a large amount of Vile damage. With strong defenses and a strong healing capability the mummy fought on until all its minions were gone. Prevented from teleporting away it finally succumbed to its wounds. Inside the decaying body the PCs found the carved stone pieces from the obelisk that were discarded upon its engraving.

My favorite memories of the adventure:

1) The beholder trying to swap souls with Denzil – opps! 2) The constant distrust of Jacinda who declared herself a Priestess of Ceraphane 3) Jacinda covered in Dragon Bile 4) The new motto – if they don’t like cookies they are evil! – thanks Ret 5) Having Beryl around again to pass clues to the party since he IS smart and knowledgeable!

As usual comments appreciated

PayBack is a Halfling with a Cookie

The first gathering of heros in many years brought a couple of changes to the mix. Denzil was “free” from the influences of Baator and there were actually no threats to the city or the adventurers.

However, in Ret’s mind as long as G’rzzt was still in the Abyss there would always be a threat to the halflings of Faerun. Perhaps a bit extreme but that is the Ret we all know and love. Of course it is sometimes difficult to tell where Ret ends and the sword begins.

It was decided that as long as Ghent wasn’t around to buff Ret with life saving magic that the adventurers would take a foray into the Lower Planes to try to take out the Lord of Three Planes of the Abyss.

I will leave it to those that made the journey to recount their memories however there are a couple of memories I still have of that fateful trip.

1). Even Irwina was smart enough NOT to detect evil in the Abyss. 2). Goristo digestive system discussions 3). Ret and Denzil coming out the wrong end of a Goristo. 4). The sad look on Irwina (and Katy’s) face when the Point of Truth went to a young paladin. 5). The End of G’rzzt

Chime in everyone who was there….

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