Rashaverak Dandelion

High Priest, Lord, General, Knight of the Right Hand of Tyr


In the last 20 years, Rashaverak married Irwina. The two of them took the widows and orphans that lived with her in Ravens Bluff to Rashaverak’s farm in Arcadia. He is considered the rebel-rouser of the neighborhood due to all the chaos he has brought to the otherwise orderly plane. He has had several sever lectures from his fellow Harmonium members. However, he reminds them of forgiveness and mercy, that he himself is trying to learn. Secretly he hopes the focus on goodness versus law will help prevent Arcadia from losing any more planes to Mechanus.

Rashaverak and Irwina are both relatively happy being semi-retired and raising their own kids.

Rashaverak Dandelion

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