Jean-Dorial Encarthan

of Clan Callarii from Arvandor, servant of Corellon Larethian and the Seldarine, Bladesinger, Companion of the Last Elf of Maldev


Fighter 4 / Wizard 2 / Bladesinger 10 / Champion of Corellon 2 / Pious Templar 2

Elven Spirit Meld, Elven Blade of Clan Callari w/Sword of the Seven Stars, +5 Cold-Forged Iron Vorpal long sword

  • home region: the Elven kingdom of Evereska
  • parents: father – Da’ranfulsar, mother – Jannesilthur
  • siblings: sister – Amailenka (younger, deceased), cousin – Jayshithlyn
  • children: none
  • spouse: none
  • Enemies: any follower of the Spider Queen, the pathetic creatures known as drow, servants of Malar, “gorgamoras”

Jean-Dorial Encarthan is originally from the reclusive elven kingdom of Evereska. His father was a veteran soldier and taught his son sword-play at a very early age. His mother dabbled in minor magics but had more aptitude at crafting and performing. His father always intended his son to become a member of the elite Bladesingers that defended the Tel’Quessir’s way of life and pushed his son very hard towards this goal. After a short century of training that focused more on wielding a blade than learning the subtleties of magic the young Encarthan showed no aptitude for magic so was not selected. The strain on the father-son relationship was quite tense. When Jean-Dorial’s younger sister was killed in an accident while they were exploring some mountains (she fell off a cliff-side trail and fell to her death) things became unbearable for the young warrior. After the appropriate (short) period of mourning (2 years) Jean-Dorial quietly left his homeland after saying farewells to his mother, and only her.

He worked as a mercenary and caravan guard for almost a year before ending up in the city known as Ravens Bluff. He found the get-what-you-earn attitude of the city fit him well so he stayed. He quickly found trustworthy companions in an adventuring company known as Clan Shado, a group that specialized in quiet, efficient strikes against its enemies. He had a short romance with Kima Greyleaf, the human woman that founded and lead Clan Shado. JD helped guide the group against numerous evil forces bent on taking over or destroying Ravens Bluff.

Jean-Dorial quickly achieved status in the city as a member of the martial knighthood known as the Griffon Knights and eventually joined the Griffon Guard unit, which used trained magical beasts to patrol the skies over the city. For a few years he even served as the Commander of this Unit of the city’s knighthood and was very active in defending the city from the constant attack of tanar’ri and Warlord Myrkessa Jelan who were searching for artifacts rumored to be hiding there.

Clan Shado quickly formed an adversarial relationship with the “other” significant adventuring company in Ravens Bluff, the Infernal Hunt Club, which clearly had its strings being pulled by the devil Ceraphane and her mistress Glaysha. What started as a friendly competition soon rose to strained tolerance of each other. Luckily for the city, the IHC began to fall apart as more and more details of what was happening to its inner members became known so there was never direct conflict.

It was the early efforts to form an elven community outside Ravens Bluff that had one of the most significant impacts on JD’s life. While on an ill-fated expedition with other Tel’Quessir in the UnderDark the group of elves he traveled with was forced to flee a horde of followers of the Spider Queen, to Arvandor. There he was offered the chance to complete his training as a Bladesinger by the Tulani Lord Glanthirious Callarii’Elium. Time in Arvandor moves differently than in the mortal world so a short 20 years of training covered only one year in Ravens Bluff.

This time served to make Jean-Dorial realize two things. First, everything he had done in Ravens Bluff to this point was a distraction. Secondly, he had found an elven woman he cared for, the wizard Selphiras Elvenstar. Upon his return JD resigned his commissions in Ravens Bluff’s knighthoods, ended his relationship with Kima, and set himself on a path to help the fledgling Highbank Forest elven community gain a foothold in the Vast. He was added to the Council of the Highbank Forest, named High Defender, and began training others the ways of the Bladesong.

Unfortunately, this effort was beset by enemies and obstacles from the start. Nearby city-states tried to demand rights on the forest, wanted tributes, and sought taxes on goods coming or going. Followers of the Queen of Air and Darkness (evil Fey demi-god) hindered progress, and followers of Malar conducted hunts in the area. When the leadership of Ravens Bluff took such a drastic change in its goals the leaders of the Highbank community came to the decisions to leave. The Tel’Quessir there disbanded to wander the world, move to Evereska, or take the long trek to Evermeet for the Final Voyage.

Selphiras was one of those who made the decision to leave this world of merchants and men and travel to Evermeet. Jean-Dorial wandered the world for a few years before returning to Arvandor to seek counsel from the wise Tulani there. He has served as their agent since, traveling to numerous places and planes on Lord Glanthirious’s request. This has been one of the most peaceful times in his short life, a few decades of contemplation have done much to settle his mind and spirit.

Jean-Dorial Encarthan

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