Jacinda Lassar

Former High Priestess of Glasya. Current Divine Agent of Ceraphane.


Cleric 9 / Disciple of Ceraphane 10


Jacinda is the bastard daughter of Caradoc Lassar (see Denzil’s bio) and a human priestess of Beshaba, named Mallinova, who he had a random dalliance with after a night of drinks at a local Chessentean festhall. Not wanting to deal with the burden of raising a child while maintaining an underground cult, Mallinova left the newly born Jacinda on Caradoc’s doorstep, much to the chagrin of his wife (and Caradoc who had no desire to raise a daughter).

She led a life of priveledge in the Lassar family estates in Chessenta until her early teens when Caradoc’s gambling habits started to catch up with him. With tax debts mounting, Caradoc had a plan to erase his financial burden by offering his beautiful daughter, Jacinda, to the Hero-King of Chessenta, Lord Tchzzar, as his personal plaything and consort. Upon learning of her father’s risky plan, she decided to pack her bags on follow the same path of her older half-brother, Denzil, whom she had never met; making the fateful journey to Ravens Bluff.

In Ravens Bluff, Denzil provided a home for the sister he never knew and with that said, didn’t really care much that it was within his newly established Inferno Hall, the Temple of Sharess and headquarters of the Infernal Hunt Club. He placed her under the tutelage of Lady Chiara, teaching her the art of seduction as a devotee of the goddess of pleasure and feline. She climbed the ranks within the Temple of Sharess’s priesthood. This gained the notice of Ceraphane of the House of Desires. Ceraphane presented Jacinda with an offer she could not refuse; becoming a High Priestess of Glasya, whose portfolio included both Ultimate Pleasure and Pain.

Jacinda took over the newly formed Temple of Glasya in Procampur while trying in vain to officially set up a temple in Ravens Bluff (as per her efforts in the module, “Queen For a Day”). Upon the death of her patron, Glasya, Jacinda put her skills of charm and persuasion to work in the planar city of Sigil, where she eventually hooked up with the organization known as the Sensates.

Recently, Ceraphane, who occupies Glasya’s former throne, has reached out to Jacinda in becoming an agent and mouthpiece for her outside of Baator. Jacinda accepted with a gleeful smile.

Siblings: Denzil Lassar (half brother

Relationships: Various…most notably with a Hydra (if anyone remembers the old LC TSR Chatroom).

Enemies: Various Abyssal lords and some Baatorian Lords of the Nine, Temple of Sune, Temple of Sharess, Temple of Lliira,

Jacinda Lassar

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