Denzil Lassar

A storied career adventurer whose past and current titles include "Master of the Hunt", "Right Hand of Glasya", "Champion of Corellon", and "Ruler of the 68th Layer of the Abyss"


Fighter 4 / Hexblade 3 / Champion of Corellon 9 / Planar Champion 6

Primary Weapons: Bringer of Death, Dread Greatsword of the Styx

Primary Armor: Stygian Armor of the Golem, Bracers of the Blinding Strike

Misc Magic Items (not a full list): Ring of Proof Against Detection & Location, Ring of the Gargoyles, Tomorast’s Right Hand, Rod of Alertness, Cape of the Tanarri Prince, Figurine of Wondrous Powers: Obsidian Steed, Chalice of Planar Travel, Taryn’s Hot Tub, Longsword of the Night, Earring of Dark Fire.


Standing an impressive 8 feet tall in his Stygian Golem Armor, he stares out the window of the palace throne room with a sullen face. A single tear makes its way down his right cheek, across his trademark skull & crossbones tattoo. His mechanical right hand, a bitter symbol of his past allegiances, firmly clutches his newly gained trophy of Azzagrats’s fallen lord and equal burden which he has chosen to undertake. Weapons strapped at his back and side, corruscating with power, Denzil mutters a silent prayer to Corellon. He is far, far away from Avandor. _

Denzil Lassar was born in the City-State of Soorenar, part of the collective that comprises the nation of Chessenta. His father, Caradoc, was a reputable merchant lord within the city, one of the few of elven blood to be accepted within the lordly ranks comprised mainly of humans in the populace. Even though he was happily married to his wife, Nalishea Lassar, Caradoc developed a reputation for drinking, carousing, and his not so subtle tastes for human women. As a youth, Denzil grew to admire his father, regardless of the fact that his father rarely spent time with him due to his various extracurricular activities outside of the home. Nalishea made her best attempts at grooming him in leading a ‘pure elven life’, but like all headstrong youth, he pretty much resisted.

Eventually, Denzil found himself recruited in the Chessenten army, where the Hero-King Tchzzar (who we have now learned is an elder red dragon and one of Tiamat’s children), fought a border war with Unther and their God King. Honing his skills with the sword, Denzil quickly became a decorated hero amongst the ranks. After the war, he immediately capitalized on his moment of fame by entering himself in gladitorial spectacles and being the ‘face man’ of prestigious mercenary companies within the city states (always joining the one with the most high profile at that point particular point in time). When in a festhall one evening, surrounded by women, hanger-ons, and those wishing to rub shoulders with him, Denzil heard rumors of a city known as “Ravens Bluff” where men cut of the same cloth as him stand to make a fortune and can earn fame beyond comprehension. At that moment, he walked to the Fest Hall owner, paid all the patrons’ tabs, walked out, and immediately set upon his journey.

And since that fateful trip to Ravens Bluff, While too many to go into detail, Denzil has accomplished the following which has earned him both the fame and notoriety he has always craved:

  • Formed the elite Gentlemen’s club and sometime adventuring company, The Infernal Hunt Club, becoming its founding “Master of the Hunt”.
  • Became a Knight of the Hawk and agent of “The Silent Network”
  • Established the Temple of Sharess, Inferno Hall, in Ravens Bluff.
  • Aligned himself (and the Infernal Hunt Club) with Ceraphane and the House of Desires. Soon became Glasya’s ‘Right Hand’ and appointed the title “Liason between Baator and Ravens Bluff”.
  • Was a member of the famed rescue team that saved the goddess, Waukeen, from the clutches of Grazz’t.
  • Turned his back on Glasya, and became a member of Clan Callari (with many, many stipulations). Became a Champion of Corellon.
  • With the aid of the Temple of Sune in the form of “The Bringer of Death”, he officially put his past behind him by slaying Glasya with his boon companions (as well as Mammon)...much to the chagrin of his Silver Serpent rival, Vanduhar of Thay.
  • Fought a pitch battle with his long time enemy, Grazz’t, in Azzagrat with his companions leading to his defeat.

And now in possession of the demon lord’s rod of rulership, who knows what path my come to him next…

Siblings: Jacinda Lassar (half sister)

Relationships: Various. Had a son, Rodrigo, with Lady Chiara. Other notable relationships include Lady Cathone of House Cathone, Natalia the Vistani.

Enemies: Vanduhar Eisner, Ceraphane, Tiamat & Co., clergy of Loviatar (under the possesion of “Bringer of Death) and when he was an agent of Glasya.

Denzil Lassar

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