Living City Never Forgotten

PayBack is a Halfling with a Cookie

The first gathering of heros in many years brought a couple of changes to the mix. Denzil was “free” from the influences of Baator and there were actually no threats to the city or the adventurers.

However, in Ret’s mind as long as G’rzzt was still in the Abyss there would always be a threat to the halflings of Faerun. Perhaps a bit extreme but that is the Ret we all know and love. Of course it is sometimes difficult to tell where Ret ends and the sword begins.

It was decided that as long as Ghent wasn’t around to buff Ret with life saving magic that the adventurers would take a foray into the Lower Planes to try to take out the Lord of Three Planes of the Abyss.

I will leave it to those that made the journey to recount their memories however there are a couple of memories I still have of that fateful trip.

1). Even Irwina was smart enough NOT to detect evil in the Abyss. 2). Goristo digestive system discussions 3). Ret and Denzil coming out the wrong end of a Goristo. 4). The sad look on Irwina (and Katy’s) face when the Point of Truth went to a young paladin. 5). The End of G’rzzt

Chime in everyone who was there….


Volunteering to save Ret from the digestive tract of a Goristro is right up there will trying to establish a Temple of Corellon in the Underdark.


It’s not like Rhett asked for any help. He just figured that being inside the Goristro was the easiest way to make sure it didn’t run away before he killed it.


That Underdark temple thing was moronic, but that’s what happens when you get Troy Daniels, Ray Syndillah and Ivan the Canadian Jack-ass in the same room, I guess. At least something good came out of it for someone (ME!!!).


You forgot Anne-Marie. She was the one hiding safely in the acid cloud.


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