How do people describe the Living City Campaign? Entertaining. Fun. Unique. Inspiring. In general it was some of the best ROLE-PLAYING I have ever been associated with. Yes there was power gaming and yes there were issues. Growing a campaign from 30 players to well over 3,000 has growing pains.

This campaign was designed to recapture what was once thought lost. I am a big fan of Spider Robinson and the Calahan’s series of books. In one of the books the patrons become telepathic with each other. Later they realize they had not lost that skill it just went away for a while. They got back in touch with the love, friendship and fun that was shared by all and BAMPF they had that feeling again.

Well for the players – BAMPF! Lets get back to a time when laughing and role-playing were so much fun that nothing has really caught our attention or peaked our enjoyment since.

Things for you as players to do:

1: Finalize your characters and enter the characters in the Character’s section. I would suggestion FIRST read the history of Ravens Bluff forum and use the guidelines and example I put in the character section.

2: Consider what you character might have done for twenty years away from Ravens Bluff. Also where they went and what they were doing. Remember they were probably 20th level so they probably were doing something important.

3: Remember to age them 20 years. While that is not that important to elves and half-elves it is fairly important to halflings and humans. They can say they drank a 10 year philter of youth if you want to but that is up to you.

4: Read the adventure logs. As far as the campaign has gone there have been four adventures so far: Finale Part I, Finale Part II, the Abyss and the Seven Tiger Inn Obelisk.

I will be putting maps out soon of the city once I get one I like scanned in – printed – updated with the landmarks I want and then scanned in again.

Email me with any questions


Living City Never Forgotten

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